Is Wicker Outdoor Furniture Durable: Care and Maintenance Tips

Is Wicker Outdoor Furniture Durable: Care and Maintenance Tips

You want your wicker furniture to be comfortable and durable, but how do you achieve that? The key is to take good care of it and protect it from the weather. 

In this article, we will answer the question, “Is wicker outdoor furniture durable?” and give you some easy tips to maintain your wicker seats and other pieces. You don’t need any special products or tools, just some linseed oil or soap and water. Follow our advice and you will enjoy your wicker furniture for years to come. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

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Understanding Wicker Furniture: Types of Materials 

Wicker furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors, but is wicker furniture durable? To answer this question, we have to break wicker furniture down to its basic components - the material.

Wicker furniture exists in two types:

  • Natural wicker - uses processed plant extracts such as bamboo, rattan, and reed. This type of wicker furniture is delicate and sensitive to water and excess sunlight.
  • Synthetic wicker furniture - uses vinyl and resin (manufactured materials), which resemble bamboo or rattan and mimic their design.

Natural wicker products quickly absorb moisture, accumulating mold and weakening the furniture. Excess heat from direct sunlight also cracks the furniture. For this reason, Natural wicker seats, tables, and decors are best suited indoors.

Synthetic Wicker is better suited for the outdoors since it can withstand moderate temperatures and is waterproof.

This doesn’t mean it is entirely foolproof, which brings us to the day's question. 

Is Wicker outdoor furniture durable?”

Before we get there, here are the main reasons homeowners get or avoid wicker furniture.

Pros of Wicker Furniture

  • Durable
  • Synthetic wicker furniture is made using resin or vinyl. Resin and Vinyl are strong, waterproof, and heat resistant, so your all-weather wicker furniture stays spic and span. Even natural wicker furniture best suited indoors is highly durable if taken care of well.

  • Comfortable
  • Wicker furniture is uniquely comfortable, thanks to soft sunbrella cushions and a snug weaving design that hugs you like a teddy.

  • Aesthetic
  • Wicker furniture is crafted into many designs and different types of furniture, such as tables, seats, and houseware that bring life to your living room or outdoor space.

    Cons of Wicker Furniture

  • Susceptibility to Damage
  • Wicker furniture, especially natural wicker, is easily susceptible to mold and cracks from wet conditions and direct sunlight. They lose quality fast if exposed to the said conditions.

  • Need Proper Care
  • Your wicker furniture needs constant, proper care to last over three summers and winters. Luckily, we have outlined all the DIY maintenance and care tips for your wicker furniture. 

    Outdoor Wicker Furniture Durability

    Synthetic and natural wicker furniture can be placed outdoors if taken care of well. The durability of outdoor wicker furniture depends on how regularly you clean them, where you keep them (in the yard, patio, or under a shed), and the quality of the furniture’s material.

    Apart from storage, Wicker furniture also consists of coated or painted aluminum frames to keep them rust-free when they come into contact with water. 

    Even better, outdoor wicker chairs come with sunbrella cushions. Sunbrella is a synthetic cushion that doesn’t absorb water and reflects sunlight instead of absorbing the heat.

    These subtly infused features help your wicker furniture resist moderate weather conditions, but you also have a role to play in maintaining your outdoor wicker furniture.

    Is Wicker Furniture Durable: Care and Maintenance Tips 

    Outdoor furniture meets many threats, such as extreme sunlight, wet surfaces, and rainfall, which may compromise its quality in the long run. 

    Here is what you should do to maintain your furniture:

    Apply Oil

    Regularly, rub your outdoor natural wicker furniture with linseed oil to protect it from absorbing water and help it retain its natural warmth and glow for a long time. Only use substantial oil to form a healthy coat on the furniture. Rub off excess oil gently using a dry dumb cloth so that dust doesn’t stick to the coat.

    Regular Cleaning

    Regularly clean your outdoor wicker furniture to wipe off accumulating dirt that stains it. Use a fair mixture of water and soap to wipe off any dirt, using a damp cloth to clean up the residue.

    Paint Your Furniture

    Paint your outdoor furniture using oil paints such as wood varnish to give it a new look and water resistance.

    Cover Your Furniture

    If you leave your wicker furniture outside, cover them with a shed or waterproof material to keep it dry when it rains. Wet furniture attracts molds which wear out the wood. Covering your furniture also prevents it from gathering dust.

    Use A Sealer

    Apply a furniture sealer to reinforce the paint on your outdoor wicker furniture. Polyurethane sealer penetrates your natural wicker furniture spores and protects it from scratches, water, and dust.

    Fast Repair

    Wicker furniture uses strong, authentic materials but is also subject to damage. Repair any damage to your furniture as soon as you notice it to protect it from beyond-repair destruction.

    Takeaway: Is Wicker Outdoor Furniture Durable?

    We hope you enjoyed this article and learned how to answer the question, “Is wicker outdoor furniture durable?”

     As you can see, it’s not hard to keep your wicker furniture in good condition with some simple DIY tips. And if you want to upgrade your outdoor space with new wicker furniture, you can’t go wrong with Modern Wicker. We have the best quality, style and price online, plus free shipping. 

    So what are you waiting for? Check out our collections today, get in touch with us, and make your wicker furniture dreams come true.

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