Top Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends

Top Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends

Our personalities extend to our outdoor spaces, just like the indoors. We want them to reflect our best selves.

You can transform your backyard, patio, or poolside space in unimaginable ways with the right furniture. You can create an outdoor retreat to entertain your friends and family, spend time with loved ones, and live your best life.

Buying premium furniture for this purpose is not mindless splurging. It is investing in a reliable outdoor setup that will serve you and your guests for years.

We have compiled a handy list of the hottest luxury outdoor furniture trends for you, keeping this in mind.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #1: High-Quality Outdoor Sectionals for Social Gatherings

If you love hosting summer parties and intimate gatherings, an outdoor sectional is a wonderful patio addition. 

Good-quality sectionals are modern and thoughtfully designed with clean lines and contours for comfortable seating. They add balance to your outdoor space with their multifunctional design, making them worth the investment. 

A synthetic wicker sectional, for example, offers the advantage of being beautifully lightweight. This means you can reposition it to create a dynamic outdoor scene.

You won't have to worry about the sun in your guests' eyes or the wind causing mayhem. Despite their lightweight nature, sectionals are robust and sturdy enough to handle any seasonal soirée. Thanks to their soft, luxurious materials and snug seating design, they eliminate the need for additional chairs or seats.

Because of their minimalist form, sectionals allow you to experiment with different fabrics and styles. Add accent pillows, string lights/lanterns, or a flowering overhead pergola for a cozy setting. 

To complete the setup, we propose adding a chaise lounge sofa if you have a pool, and a toasty fire-pit during the cooler months.

Consider investing in this handwoven resin sectional set by South Sea Rattan. It has an all-weather weave on top of a sturdy powder-coated metal frame. You can personalize it with your favorite fabrics and colors.  

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #2: Low-Impact Frames & Lightweight Furniture

Bulky, oversized furniture that obscures a portion of your pretty patio scenery is a thing of the past. Outdoor living is all about embracing the good life. This means low-impact frames and laidback, lounge-y furnishings are a hot trend. 

You want furniture pieces with sleeker, cleaner lines to retain the breezy vibe of your outdoors. 

Consider opting for furniture with low-impact frames like:

  • Wrought iron
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • Powder-coated steel

Lightweight yet durable, these materials provide a luxurious, laid-back feel. 

Another advantage is, they are simple to maintain, requiring only an occasional wipe-down

Synthetic or rattan wicker patio furniture with an aluminum frame is one of the better choices for this category. Because of their organic construction, they can resist the elements no matter how sun-dappled your garden or patio is.

Light-colored frames with a natural stain are chic and here to stay. The following colors can add a hint of sophistication and charm to your outdoor landscape:

  • Taupe
  • Tan
  • Slate grey
  • Beige
  • Eggshell

Pair them with neutral furnishing for a more balanced aesthetic, especially if you have a floral garden or a busy backyard. You can add accent pillows or throw cushions for a pop of color. 

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #3: Eye-Catching & Bold Colors

Even if neutral hues are the mainstay of your patio furniture, don't overlook the use of color pops in your outdoor landscape. The best outdoor places are visually appealing. This trend is especially suitable for people who live in sunny areas, as the bright weather helps make the colors pop.

Larger furniture pieces with natural materials work well with accents for a pop of color. Use accent pieces sparingly around your outdoor space for a mixed, eclectic space where guests will find comfort. 

Wood-and-wicker combinations make an excellent canvas for displaying eye-catching throw cushions and fabrics.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #4: A Blend of Indoor-Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Modern furniture is all about achieving a zen balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. As homes adopt a more contemporary trend, we see the lines between them blurring. They operate best when they reflect shared elements.

This is why luxury indoor-outdoor furniture is an emerging trend. Outdoor furniture comprises high-end styles reflecting sophisticated living, with all the practical functions of indoor furniture. 

That means:

  • Better durability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Timeless design
  • A style transcending seasons

For example, this elegant wicker and stone dining set performs well in alfresco settings as it does indoors. The all-weather resin wicker material protects against the elements, while the stone structure provides longevity.

Incorporating fabrics into the mix is another fantastic way to embrace the indoor-outdoor luxury furniture trend. Choose robust textiles you can use indoors and outdoors, just like furniture.

Quality fabrics with excellent finishing like Sunbrella are:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Spill-resistant 

Using olefin, acrylic, and polyester materials keeps your furniture moisture-free even when it's outside. 

Ultimately, you get stylish, flexible furniture requiring little upkeep, allowing you to maximize your time with friends and family in your favorite space. 

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #5: Solid Teak Pieces 

The right kind of luxury outdoor furniture fosters a high-end living atmosphere for years. Teak is one such material that guarantees durability and is quickly becoming a popular outdoor furniture trend.

Teak's natural texture makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Aside from its aesthetic finish, it is resistant to damp or sunny conditions. Its sturdy wood frame ensures maximum comfort, and its timeless design will wow your guests.

Teak also complements outdoor landscapes, creating an organic backyard space. It can be tailored to your preferences, whether you want to add plush cushions to the mix or nurture a fairytale-like ambiance for cozy dinner evenings. 

On the practical front, teak wood is the best long-lasting wood, thanks to its natural oils. 

Its all-weather properties mean it won’t:

  • Warp
  • Splinter
  • Crack
  • Turn brittle
  • Shrink

Teak requires little care. It should be sealed every few years to maintain its natural finish. Even without varnish, it develops an exquisite silvery grey patina hue with time, adding to its allure.

This Forever Patio Plantation Sofa teak set is an elegant choice if you’re considering all-teak furniture for your patio. It’s made from 100% plantation-grown teak and can accommodate 5 adults. 

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #6: Timeless, Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

Designers and discerning customers prioritize timelessness and waste reduction, even if it comes at a cost. The rationale is to opt for robust, long-lasting furniture that doesn’t harm the environment over fast fads and cheap, unsustainable choices. 

People want furniture pieces with an heirloom quality.

Most manufacturers today have caught on, and are using naturally-sourced, synthetic materials like HDPE and resin to create high-functioning furniture pieces that will last decades. There is also a demand for high-quality, eco-friendly performance fabrics. 

An example of sustainable outdoor furniture is this lovely wicker-aluminum conversation group with Sunbrella cushions. It is made from durable resin wicker with an all-weather finish and an aluminum frame. It adds a luxurious aura to your outdoor space without sacrificing sustainability.

These dual rocking chairs by Tortuga Outdoor are another eco-friendly choice to consider. They are Grade A certified and sourced from government-certified teak forests in Indonesia.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #7: Organic & Earthy Textures

While modern and minimalist furniture trends are popular, there is also a desire to stay grounded in organic, earthy materials. With their natural finish and fresh design, organic materials inspire a sense of luxury.

When earthy colors are thrown into the mix, you get a homespun aesthetic. Note that these textures work only so long as they’re rooted in a high-quality, long-lasting design. 

One of the best ways to achieve this modern farmhouse-style look is by opting for timeless materials like rattan (wicker). Wicker is no longer the plebeian material it was once considered. It has elevated to a high-end, quality material lasting decades, even outdoors. 

Synthetic wicker material is typically used for outdoor furniture. Its naturally woven finish, sturdy design, elegance, and customizability make it an excellent choice for most homes seeking organic textures.

Take, for example, this South Sea Rattan resin wicker sectional set. It is made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) all-weather wicker and boasts an impressive organic texture. 

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trend #8: Swing Chairs

Outdoor spaces are intended for recreation and relaxation. What better way to instill this ambiance than with a trendy swing chair? 

Swing chairs are a popular porch feature.

With newer designs on the market, you can be creative and suspend them from a pergola by the pool or hang them from poles in your backyard. If you have young children, they provide the ideal nook for summer reading and lounging. They're also ideal for poolside and casual cocktail parties.

Swing chairs are meant to be lightweight, but must be sturdy enough to support multiple people. This Lloyd Flanders Universal Sofa Swing provides the perfect balance. Made from high-quality wicker with cocoon-like curved edges, this swing can transform your outdoor space into the relaxed refuge you’ve always dreamed of. 


Have more questions about outdoor furniture trends? We answer the most popular questions below.

What kind of Furniture is Best for the Outdoors?

Aluminum, resin, teak, and durable plastic can survive the elements and have all-weather capabilities. These materials are ideal if you intend to have an outdoor setup all year.

What are Some Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Outdoor Furniture?

In a nutshell, you should consider factors like climate, weather-resistant materials, and long-lasting performance fabrics. Consult our helpful guides for a clearer picture.

Which Luxury Outdoor Furniture is Easiest to Maintain?

Rattan, teak, aluminum, and steel are some low-maintenance materials. They need an occasional wipe-down with water and soap to look as good as new.

Final Words: Key Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends

New seasons bring new trends in luxury outdoor furniture that combine elegance, functionality, and longevity. You can choose from modern minimalist frames or timeless teak furniture. You can also go green with eco-friendly materials and durable furniture that reduce waste.

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