Unveiling the Benefits and Styles of Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Unveiling the Benefits and Styles of Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Synthetic wicker, a new invention, has become one of the most popular furniture trends in the modern world. It proves to be a commendable substitute for natural wicker, which doesn’t fare well outdoors.

Its all-weather resin-based furniture ushers in a new era of functional and attractive patio spaces.

Synthetic wicker outdoor furniture springs numerous patio ideas. Its diverse styles and options, including wicker seating and dining, complement all settings well. Let’s understand synthetic wicker better and why it changes the game in outdoor furniture.

Best Synthetic Wicker Patio Furniture Styles in 2023

Want to make synthetic wicker furniture part of your outdoor space? Check out these styles for an eclectic collection you’ll love.

Synthetic Fiji Loveseat 

Spruce up your patio with this synthetic rattan Fiji Loveseat in a unique modern design. The loveseat, a comfy sofa built for two, is available in a coffee-brown weave. It is made from HDPE large-profile synthetic fiber in a plain weave pattern. 

The interior frame is aluminum, specially powder-coated for durability and protection against daily wear and tear. Its stylish contemporary design sets it apart while maintaining a natural finish. 

The loveseat has tufted cushions made of high-quality Sunbrella fabric, which won’t fade in the sun. Another great thing is, it is backed by a three-year warranty against wicker tears and unraveling.

Pair this loveseat with a separate wicker sectional for a cohesive outdoor arrangement. 


  • 62"L x 36"W x 26"H

Premium All-weather Synthetic Wicker Recliner

Who said recliners are only for indoor lounging? Unwind outdoors in the Universal Woven Recliner. This wicker recliner features a quality synthetic weave constructed of HDPE all-weather woven resin wicker

A UV-resistant layer prevents the material from cracking or fading in direct sunlight. A robust aluminum frame with powder coating provides durability and rust resistance.

The recliner includes a handy headrest and multi-position reclining choices, allowing you to kick back and relax. A back cushion is included for further comfort. 

Other Features:

  • Sunbrella cushions in a variety of colors
  • Mildew- and moisture-resistant cushions
  • Detachable suspension seating for comfort


  • Overall Dimensions: 31"W x 33"D x 39"H 
  • Weight: 46 lbs.

Get this as a standalone recliner, or pair it with a sofa set for social gatherings. 

Round High-Density Resin Daybed 

There is something deeply relaxing about daybeds, and this Farro Round Daybed is just what you need. Made with HDPE resin wicker, the daybed features an open weave pattern that adds a sense of luxury. 

Tan cushions match the light beige frame, but you can select from a wide range of Sunbrella canvas fabrics and colors. The frame features welded, two-piece aluminum powder-coated for durability.


  • Overall Dimensions: W60" x D61" x H31"
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Back Height: 31"
  • Seat Height: 18"

Stylish, timeless, and made with exceptional quality materials, this is an elite daybed. 

All-weather Resin Double Chaise Lounge

What’s better than a single double chaise lounge? Two chaise lounges in one! 

This luxurious double chaise lounge is a patented resin wicker creation with a modular design for the outdoors. The ingenious design features an HDPE synthetic resin weave, available in exquisite Cedarwood and Sterling color variants. 

The texture resembles imitation leather, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor setting. The high-quality synthetic material and water-resistant Supreme Foam cushions ensure all-weather protection. 

Other Features:

  • Mold- and mildew-resistant cushions
  • Quality wicker resistant to cracks and splits 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Three-year frame warranty


  • Overall size: 67 5/8"W x 73.5"L x 31"H

Get this premium-quality wicker chaise lounge today.

Refer to our buying guide for a better idea of which synthetic wicker outdoor furniture to buy.

What is Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture?

Natural rattan furniture, with its classic earthy vibe, has always found a place in homes, whether modern or traditional. While natural wicker furniture flourishes indoors, it cannot withstand external elements.

What is outdoor wicker furniture made of

Outdoor furniture made of synthetic wicker is a worthy substitute for natural wicker. It is built to withstand the elements. Synthetic wicker has a weave and frame similar to natural wicker, thus retaining its iconic look and vibe.

The only difference is in the material. Synthetic wicker furniture is manufactured from durable artificial fibers. 

Its manufacturing process is similar to natural wicker. It employs resin or high-quality plastic components cut into thin strips. These strips, which look like rattan abaca strands used in natural wicker, are then braided into furniture.

Synthetic wicker outdoor furniture is also treated with the following materials:

  • UV additives
  • Polyethene resin (PE)

What Materials Are Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Made Out Of?

Synthetic wicker furniture uses a variety of man-made materials in its construction, including types of resin wicker such as nylon, vinyl, PVC, Polyethylene (PE), and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Because of its weather-resistant properties, resin wicker is known as all-weather wicker. Not all resin wicker is the same. Vinyl, PVC, and PE are resin materials comparable to low-grade plastic. Their flimsy exterior can peel, discolor, or unravel over time. Even a few scratches and dings can disrupt the material. 

This is not the case with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker. HDPE is the best type of synthetic wicker outdoor furniture. It is made up of close-knit compounds, ensuring higher durability. Its multi-layered fibers protect it from everyday wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan. 

Other benefits of HDPE-made synthetic wicker furniture include:

  • Resistant to rain, wind, and dust, making it a true all-weather material 
  • Won't unravel, chip, or break 
  • Recyclable, making it eco-friendly
  • Resistant to stains and fading

While HDPE checks all the boxes on the functional front, it’s not far behind in aesthetics. HDPE-based synthetic wicker furniture has a classic, matte texture reminiscent of natural wicker. It also doesn’t irritate the skin like low-quality plastic resin wicker. 

Next, let’s delve into the benefits of synthetic wicker outdoor furniture. 

Benefits of Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

What can you expect from buying synthetic wicker outdoor furniture? 

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Robust

One could argue that synthetic wicker patio furniture lacks the natural fibers that make it a sought-after outdoor accessory. In the long term, these natural fibers cause more harm than good. 

Natural fibers are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to the sun for extended periods.

Synthetic wicker manufactured from HDPE materials has high tensile strength. Its synthetic fibers are hardbound and capable of absorbing shock, making them tough enough to survive the elements.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Weatherproof

You don't have to worry about an unexpected storm or temperature surges ruining your patio furniture when you choose synthetic wicker furniture. 

Synthetic wicker furniture, such as all-weather resin wicker patio furniture, can hold up well outdoors because it is waterproof. Most synthetic wicker furniture is UV-resistant, allowing it to survive the harsh sun during spring and summer.

Synthetic wicker furniture can adapt well to any geographic location. Whether you have a poolside patio or one overlooking the sea, synthetic furniture is treated to withstand chlorine and salt. 

Unlike genuine wicker, you don't have to worry about salty air damaging your patio furniture.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Long-lasting

While we can all agree natural wicker is the OG patio furniture, synthetic furniture offers superior value for your money with its long-lasting properties.

If properly cared for, synthetic wicker furniture has an impressive lifespan of at least two decades. The frame and the weave of synthetic wicker furniture are designed for long-term use. It is resistant to daily wear and tear and shows fewer symptoms of deterioration over time.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Exudes a Natural Look

If you’re concerned about your patio furniture not looking “natural” or genuine, don’t be. Outdoor furniture made from synthetic wicker features a weave similar to natural wicker, retaining its rustic aesthetic. 

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Easy to Maintain

Natural wicker furniture is created from materials like bamboo, cane, and rattan. They need regular cleaning and waxing to keep them from looking worn and aged. Their natural fibers are also difficult to maintain, especially if you use them outside. 

Going synthetic is the clear winner when it comes to maintenance and an overall longer lifespan. During the off-season, you can cover it with a cloth. Gently wash it with a garden hose or scrub it with soap and water once every two months to keep it looking brand new.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Lightweight

We don't give enough credit to the lightweight nature of synthetic wicker. Outdoor furniture layouts are often dynamic. They should be easy to rearrange if needed. Synthetic wicker fulfills this criteria, making it a practical option for patio furniture.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Is Budget-Friendly

If you invest in synthetic furniture, you can create an interesting outdoor setting without breaking the bank. Because of its long-term durability, it also provides a better ROI. If you're on a tight budget, consider investing in synthetic outdoor furniture to get the most bang for your buck.

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture Has Diverse Styles 

Most synthetic wicker manufacturers offer a variety of furniture types, allowing you to create an eclectic patio setting. There are numerous weaves, frames, and styles to pick from, whether you want a trendy sectional or a traditional daybed.

Key Takeaway: What’s Great About Synthetic Wicker Furniture?

Synthetic wicker patio furniture is a groundbreaking innovation that overcomes the drawbacks of genuine wicker. Synthetic wicker furniture looks and feels like natural wicker, but it resists cracking, splitting, and fading, all common problems with outdoor furniture.

It is also lightweight and adaptable, blending well with modern and traditional décor styles. You can find a wide range of synthetic wicker furniture types in today’s market, so you can always find something to suit your patio.

If you want to invest in good-quality synthetic wicker outdoor furniture, look no further than Modern Wicker. Modern Wicker is a reputable online retailer that offers a collection of outdoor wicker furniture, including wicker dining sets, conversation sets, sectionals, and more.

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