Wicker vs. Wood Outdoor Furniture: Which is the Right Choice?

Wicker vs. Wood Outdoor Furniture: Which is the Right Choice?

No more confusion and coached testimonials. It’s time to transform your outdoors into a stunning and lively space by choosing between wicker and wood outdoor furniture

Wicker or wooden chairs and tables? You can make smart decisions by weighing their pros and cons. We will guide you to pick the best outdoor furniture material for your backyard and patio that will make your friends eager to visit. 

By the end of this article, you will have made the best choice for yourself, your budget, and your outdoor oasis. The cherry on the icing is that we will also hook you up with the best wicker furniture store that has genuine and stylish teak and wicker seats and dining tables with the best deals in town. 

Are you ready to get this wagon on the road?

Best Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Different furniture types and brands customize your patio or backyard with an inviting, elegant, and refreshing outlook that make the best aesthetic investments.

Here are Modern Wicker’s top picks available for your home:

Tortuga Outdoor Portside Resin 6-Piece Patio Set

Top features:

  • Rustproof coated steel frames
  • UV synthetic resin 
  • One-year warranty
  • Outdoor cushions 

Tortuga outdoor portside resin 6-piece patio set is a fancy-looking outdoor furniture set with 2 wicker chairs, a loveseat, coffee table, end table and a beautiful Ottoman.

The furniture frames use sturdy, powder-coated, rustproof steel that won’t collapse under intense weight.

It has a UV-resistant, synthetic resin wicker stabilizer to help prevent the furniture from fading when left outdoors and losing its original color.

The beefed-up sunbrella cushions offer you premium holiday-in comfort within the confines of your home.

In addition, the cushions are mold, mildew, and fade-resistant, so they look as sharp as when they left the Modern Wicker store.

Tortuga Outdoor Portside Resin Wicker Rectangular Dining Set

Top features:

  • Tempered glass top
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Sunbrella fabric options
  • Cushions are mold, mildew, and fade resistance 

Tortuga outdoor portside resin wicker rectangular dining set has an included tempered glass table that gives it a classy and attractive finish at the top.

The seat is straightforward to assemble since its parts are firmly welded in place, so you don’t need to refer to the manual guide constantly.

This outdoor diner set is available in different eye-catching colors, including detachable, mold, mildew, and fade-resistant sunbrella cushions that are best placed to deal with the outdoors.

South Sea Rattan Arcadia Wicker Patio Conversation Set

Top features:

  • High-density polyethylene resin 
  • Waterproof foam cushions 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Fully assembled pieces

Make every day a beach day with the South Sea rattan Arcadia wicker patio conversation set that’s crafted using high-density polyethylene synthetic resin that will serve you for many years.

Its waterproof foam cushions are unbelievably comfortable with immense proportions where all your fatigue ultimately drowns away.

The coffee and end tables are finished with a meticulous tempered glass top that never fails to grab your guests’ attention.

This furniture has sturdy aluminum frames with a three-year warranty, which means you can claim compensation if the frames are less than sturdy.

Understanding Wicker vs. Wood Outdoor Furniture 

Wooden outdoor furniture is crafted from hardwood trees, such as teak, that are naturally equipped to withstand the elements and stay strong even when used outdoors.

Despite popular belief, not all wood is ideal for making furniture.

Types of Wood for Furniture Pieces

The major types of wood are hardwood & softwood.

  • Softwood is harvested from gymnosperm trees such as conifers and is mostly used to make indoor furniture such as tables, dining sets, and beds. That’s because softwood absorbs moisture quickly, hence softwood furniture gets brittle if rained on and exposed to excess sunshine for too long outdoors.
  • Hardwood, conversely, is derived from specific tropical trees such as teak and is commonly used in construction, to make outdoor furniture, as a source of fuel, and to make traditional boats. 
      • Like synthetic wicker, hardwood is ideal for outdoor furniture since it is naturally sealed with salts and oils to keep it stronger for longer.
      • It isn’t foolproof, though, since you need to add the perfect sealer and coat it with oil paint to keep moisture out. Synthetic wicker only needs a sealant, which is not mandatory.

    Teak and other hardwood furniture are slightly better looking than natural wicker, but the only problem is that teak is a very rare commodity since it takes 25 years to mature properly.

    This makes it an expensive option compared to natural and synthetic wicker.

    On the other hand, Wicker furniture is uniquely crafted using rattan, bamboo, reed, vinyl, or resin. Depending on the material, you have two types of wicker furniture: 

    Natural Wicker

    Natural wicker is made from plant materials such as reed, bamboo, willow, rattan canes, and some types of wood. Natural wicker patio furniture is reinforced with stainless steel or coated aluminum or zinc to strengthen the structural integrity of natural wicker chairs and dining tables.

    This is a better option for metal furniture since wicker is better looking and metal is more susceptible to rust when left to outdoor conditions.

    Plus, this type of furniture faces the same moisture absorption challenges as softwood furniture, making it best suited indoors.

    Synthetic Wicker

    Synthetic wicker is made using resin or vinyl and reinforced with stainless steel, coated aluminum, or zinc to hold up under your weight. This is the best type of wicker for outdoor furniture. It is especially non-absorbent and reflects sunlight to stay strong under excess heat. These resilient features enable vinyl and resin wicker furniture to hold up outdoors

    Synthetic wicker chairs are also combined with stylishly waterproof sunbrella cushions that rarely lose color.

    Benefits of Wicker vs. Wood

    Wicker vs. wood patio furniture continues, but before declaring wicker outdoor furniture as the undisputed champ outdoors, check out what makes it superior over wood.

    Highly Durable

    Synthetic resin and vinyl wicker furniture are highly durable, fade and water resistant, compared to softwood and unsealed hardwood furniture that changes color after some time outdoors.

    Wicker patio furniture has integrated aluminum frames that don't quickly break, unlike brittle wood furniture with no additional reinforcements.


    Wicker furniture is more affordable compared to hardwood outdoor furniture. It is a budget-friendlier option than teak and hardwood outdoor furniture since the manufacturing materials are cheaper and easier to acquire.

    Readily Available

    Synthetic wicker outdoor furniture from reputable brands is easily available in verified supply chain stores and online stores like Modern Wicker. Authentic hardwood teak outdoor furniture is rare since the trees grow in selective parts of the world and take more than 24 years to mature.

    Cheaper to Maintain

    Synthetic wicker furniture is easier to maintain compared to wood outdoor furniture, since wicker only requires regular cleaning and dusting using soap and water.

    Hardwood furniture, especially teak furniture, requires special sealers, finishes and paint to keep them refurbished for longer periods, which is more expensive and laborious than synthetic wicker furniture. 

    FAQs About Wicker vs. Wood Outdoor Furniture

    We answer the internet’s most popular questions about wicker vs wood outdoor furniture below.

    Is Wood Outdoor Furniture Water Resistant?

    Only a few wooden outdoor furniture pieces are waterproof. The rare teak wooden outdoor furniture has the most water resistance but needs help from teak furniture sealers and paint.

    Synthetic wicker is the best choice for your outdoors since it is made to resist the elements and still look glam.

    What Is Wicker Furniture Made Of?

    Wicker furniture is made of natural or synthetic materials. Natural wicker is woven from bamboo, rattan, and reeds, while synthetic wicker is manufactured using resin or vinyl which is made to stay outdoors.

    Which Is the Best Type of Wicker for Outdoor Furniture?

    The best type of wicker for outdoor furniture is synthetic wicker since it is made of water, mold, and fade-resistant materials such as vinyl, resin, and sunbrella fabric. They are better suited for outdoor exposure than the natural wicker, which absorbs moisture regularly and gets brittle after a few years of service.

    What Is Polyethylene Wicker Outdoor Furniture?

    Also known as Rattan garden furniture, especially in the UK, Polyethylene wicker is made from a synthetic material resembling rattan - polyethylene. It is an artificial fiber that looks like natural wicker but with UV-protected strands that prevent your wicker seats or table from fading when exposed to all weather conditions.

    Wood vs. Wicker Outdoor Furniture Wrap-up

    The best wood and wicker outdoor furniture can turn any bland space into a lively setting where you can enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones. You already know why synthetic wicker is the perfect choice for outdoors. 

    Now you can get the best deals for authentic teak and wicker furniture in our store. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and we will answer all your questions and help you find the best furniture in our stores.