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Cantilever Patio Umbrella Collection


Protect Your Skin, Your Guests, and Your Furniture

Five to ten minutes. That’s all it takes before harmful UV rays begin damaging your skin. Five to ten minutes is all it takes before permanent, irreparable damage occurs to you, your guests, and even your furniture.

However, all it takes is less than five minutes to set up one of Modern Wicker’s cantilever patio umbrellas. 

Their easy assembly all but ensures that you won’t have a hard time setting them up. Another guarantee is that anything covered by their canopy will be completely free of UV radiation damage. It’s all thanks to the UV-resistant premium Sunbrella acrylic fabrics used to make the canopies.

Easy To Store and Even Easier To Use

These ultra UV-resistant canopies can collapse into themselves for easy storage. In fact, a lift crank system has been built into each Modern Wicker cantilever umbrella. Not only do they take minutes to fully set up, but setting them up won’t require much effort at all.

This means that even those who live in areas with incredibly windy seasons can quickly bring down and easily store their cantilever umbrella once summer is over. No more worrying about storage space; it’ll fit anywhere.

Adjustable, Versatile, Comfortable

Modern Wicker’s cantilever umbrellas lack a center pole. This allows them to be easily adjustable. Typically, center poles are rigid and unable to be adjusted, meaning they provide minimal shade at best.

This isn’t the case with our cantilever umbrellas, which, thanks to their arched angle, can provide complete UV protection no matter how many times the sun changes position.

Deploys in Minutes

Complete protection for your skin that sets up in minutes and stores away just as fast. They look great and can even be adjusted to provide up to 95 square feet of shade. That’s as big as a medium-sized bedroom.

If you are ready for more information, then check out our Cantilever Buyer's Guide to Stylish Shade Solutions for our top recommended selections.