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Sunset West Provence Bench
Sale price$1,144.00
Sunset West Redondo Dining Bench
Sale price$1,097.00
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Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
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Save $46.68
Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Moss
Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Moss
Regular price$465.00 Sale price$418.32 Sale
Sunset West Newport Dining Bench
Sale price$1,097.00
Sunset West Laguna Dining Bench
Sale price$1,049.00
Sunset West Coastal Teak Dining Bench
Sale price$1,169.00

Revamp Your Outdoor Space with Resilient Outdoor Benches Collection

A Bench That Won’t Rot or Decay

With your average bench being susceptible to rot and decay, it’s a surprise that any kind of outdoor seating solution can last longer than a year. Diverse and strong weather alongside insects is more than enough to eat away at the wood of most seating arrangements.

Fortunately, Modern Wicker’s outdoor benches collection features teak hardwood frames that insects can’t easily chew through. Teak hardwood frames also prevent water from slipping in or even being absorbed. Not to mention that they retain their shine and gloss all year round with minimal maintenance required.

Cushions That Rain Won’t Destroy

Even for the outdoor benches that come with seat cushions, the weather still isn’t much of a factor. That’s because certain outdoor benches come with hydrophobic cushions as their primary seating arrangement. 

Hydrophobic cushions are quick to drain and dry. This means that even if they were completely soaked by heavy rains, you’d have them back and dry within a few hours! This is possible because of the special treatments and coatings applied to the cushions themselves.

Non-Slip Seating That’s Comfortable

Special batting has been included in the support layer of certain outdoor benches to improve their non-slip resilience. No longer will you or your guests have to keep readjusting themselves just to stay in their seats.

Of course, those outdoor benches that require no cushions can still promise non-slip seating by way of the finish applied to their surface.

Outdoor Benches That Clean in Minutes

Modern Wicker’s outdoor benches collection consists of nothing but seating options that look good and don’t require much to remain that way. The most cleaning you’ll ever have to do is an occasional rub down with mild soap and water.

To learn more about how you can redefine an outdoor space with preassembled and mature seating solutions, consult our outdoor benches buyer’s guide.

Take action now and browse our outdoor bench collection to discover the perfect bench that will redefine your outdoor living spaces.