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Lloyd Flanders Elevation Sofa
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Teak Outdoor Furniture

An Investment in Patio Furnishing

If you could purchase a cocktail table for your patio and know that it would last you for decades to come, regardless of the weather, would you?

Certain kinds of wood, such as red oak, are commonly used to make outdoor furniture. There’s just one problem: these wood types naturally absorb water, which causes them to decay rapidly.

Modern Wicker has ensured that its teak outdoor furniture collection is free of any materials that would compromise furniture’s stability. What you’ll get here are furniture options naturally resistant to decay, insects, and even water.

Naturally Resistant To Water

Teak wood is naturally resistant to water. This is possible thanks to the wood naturally having a high oil content. These oils resist water absorption and, by extension, degradation. As a result, well-kept teak outdoor furniture has been known to last up to several decades in peak condition.

Several pieces of Modern Wicker’s teak outdoor furniture collection have incorporated other durable and stylish materials into their build. For example, end tables that have welded aluminum frames layered over with woven vinyl for their structure.

Woven vinyl is a material renowned for being resistant to wear and stains. Materials like these only further reduce the amount of maintenance required from you.

Outdoor Furniture That Requires Minimal Maintenance

Imagine having outdoor furniture that only requires a light finish a few times a year to retain its quality for decades. As mentioned earlier, Modern Wicker’s teak outdoor furniture collection includes furniture that won’t require regular or frequent maintenance. 

This is due to the naturally high oil content of teak’s build and its tight grain structure. By naturally leaving very few openings on its surface, teak wood reduces the amount of space that water can use to get inside the wood and damage it. 

In fact, this is what also gives teak wood its streamlined rustic look. Ready to learn more? Check out our teak outdoor furniture buyer’s guide for more info.