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Lloyd Flanders Grand Traverse Wicker Bar Cart With Lay on Glass
Lloyd Flanders Grand Traverse Wicker Bar Cart With Lay on Glass
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Hospitality Rattan Soho Bar with Glass Hospitality Rattan Soho Bar with Glass
Hospitality Rattan Soho Bar with Glass
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Panama Jack Graphite Stackable Barstool Panama Jack Graphite Stackable Barstool
Panama Jack Graphite Stackable Barstool
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South Sea Rattan Bermuda Indoor Bar Stool - 24 Inch South Sea Rattan Bermuda Indoor Bar Stool - 24 Inch
South Sea Rattan Bermuda Indoor Bar Stool - 24 Inch
Regular price$485.00 Sale price$360.00 Sale
Sunset West Monterey Bar stool
Sale price$858.00
Sunset West Monterey Sofa
Sale price$3,029.00
Sunset West Monterey Loveseat
Sale price$2,257.00

Wicker Bar Stools

Don’t let your bar or lounge look crammed or generic. 

Avoid off-the-shelf furniture and create an interior with an ambiance that makes guests and family want to stay longer. As an interior designer, you want to attract and impress clients with wicker bar stools and pub furniture. They help you design spaces with coherence, thoughtfulness, and carefully chosen accessories.

Find the perfect pub & bar wicker furniture to give your space an oh-so-chic flair. Modern Wicker Furniture offers an extensive range, including:

  • wicker bar stools
  • dining sets
  • side tables
  • bistro sets
  • pub tables
  • bar carts and more
Our designs complement your after-retirement abode and match your modern interiors. Explore our many choices and find what works best for your space.

Why Choose Wicker Furniture? 

Wicker furniture appeals to a broad base of interests and tastes. Whether you are setting up an indoor bar against walls filled with modern art or creating a cozy home for retirement moments with loved ones, wicker proves to be an ideal choice. 

Plus, it's also an excellent option for interior designers aiming to satisfy their clients without losing their sense of individuality. 

Let's look at some top bar and pub wicker products on Modern Wicker. 

Forever Patio Hampton Wicker 30" Armless Bar Stool

Are you tired of flipping through home magazines for inspiration to host your next grand gathering? Introducing the Forever Patio Hampton Wicker 30" Armless Bar Stool as it combines functionality with design, refreshing your modern indoor space.  

Its mold, mildew, and fade-resistant qualities ensure it caters to the needs of a busy individual. This barstool boasts a heavy-duty commercial-grade, rust-proof powder-coated aluminum frame, ensuring durability. It's easy upkeep makes it a perfect match for the dynamic lifestyle of frequent travelers or those working from home.

Sunset West Majorca Bar Stool

If you want a chic retreat for your clients without breaking the bank, the Sunset West Majorca Wicker Bar Stool is it.  Its clean lines and fully welded powder-coated aluminum frame make it a sturdy companion for a long time. 

Plus, to add some distinctiveness to your interior designer journey and to help you stand out, the Majorca Bar Stool Set has tens of different colored Sunbrella Fabrics that you can choose from. Besides that, the wicker bar stool has non-marking plastic glides, keeping your floors flawless. Its commercial-quality construction doesn't compromise style or comfort — a win-win for you and your clients.  

Benefits of Wicker Furniture 

The fascinating benefits of wicker bar stools and furniture will leave you wondering why you bought anything else. What makes it so unique? While there is no singular answer to that, there are numerous benefits and advantages when opting for wicker bar stools and other furniture. 

Aesthetics in Every Detail

One of the rare qualities wicker furniture possesses is that it fits in naturally for both outdoor and indoor setups. Also, as mentioned before, it can be modified to suit any home's aesthetic, creative, and modern designs. 

Built to Last

It is a common misconception that lightweight furniture will not be durable. Whether you plan to set up an indoor bar and pub area or an outdoor onr, wicker furniture can even withstand the harsh Florida weather. All it needs is proper care, and it will be ready to use at your next party. 

Effortless Upkeep

Design your space to invite both relaxation and work. You have an on-the-go lifestyle that requires you to stay on your toes, whether you travel frequently or work from home. You have little time for cleaning and maintaining furniture. 

Transform your home into a magazine-worthy haven without the stress of upkeep. Wicker furniture only needs regular dusting. You can even move it outside easily to clean it by yourself.

Featherlight Furnishing

It is not easy to host family dinners and entertain family gatherings. You don’t want to strain your back while tidying up the indoor bar and pub. You don’t want large, clunky pieces of furniture that take up more space than they need. Wood stabilizes wicker bar stools and other furnishings, but they are still lightweight. You can move them easily. 

Flexibility and Customization Options 

Virtually, customization options and design variations for wicker bar stools, bistro sets, trays, and tables are endless.  

As an interior designer, you don't have to fret about the perfect piece. You can find rattan wicker furniture in a myriad of colors, all the while maintaining your client's expectations. 

With an extensive range of designs, wicker's flexibility enables the furniture to serve versatile purposes; from holding glasses as tables to accommodating people as chairs, you can fill up the bar and pub area based on its requirements.  

Safety First

When you have friends and family over, the kids tend to turn the place into a playground. So, you know, there might be a few run-ins with the furniture. 

Wicker furniture is generally a safe bet for these situations, except for those rare wooden elements in wicker bar stools. No worries about bruises or unexpected bumps for your grandkids, nieces, and nephews during their playful escapades.

Buy Wicker Barstools From Modern Wicker

You seek to elevate your space with durable and stylish wicker bar stools and bar/pub furniture. Modern Wicker offers all the options you could consider. You will see how these wicker bar stools become the highlight of your social gatherings once you make the investment.

Our wicker furniture adds style and saves you money, time, and frustration. You don’t have to deal with flimsy alternatives. We offer a comprehensive selection under one roof. Our wicker furniture features high-quality wicker, comfort-focused designs, solid wood, and aluminum frames. We keep your budget in mind.