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Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
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Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Moss
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Wrought Iron Patio Set


Timeless Look That Lasts Equally as Long

Modern Wicker’s wrought iron patio set revolves around pieces that won’t age out of style or usability. Each wrought iron piece incorporates straight, sleek lines for its exterior frame and intricate ornate designs for its interiors. 

The result is a timeless look that goes well with any pre-existing patio furniture. The ultimate supporting patio furniture that will last longer than all the rest due to its strong wrought iron build.

Reliable Support

Wrought iron has a low carbon content, incredibly low. Carbon content is what makes it easier for rust and corrosion to set in. Since Modern Wicker’s wrought iron patio set is devoid of much carbon content, it’s naturally resistant to corrosion and rust.

This means that the two most prominent killers of patio furniture are not even a threat. That’s what makes a wrought iron patio set last so long, even when it’s exposed to heavy rains and strong UV rays.

Cleans in Minutes

The duality of wrought iron is that it has an incredibly long lifespan with a classy look. One that has never gone out of style since its inception; however, it also only takes literal minutes to maintain. All you will require is a mild solution of ordinary soap and water.

With a simple pat down, your wrought iron furniture will be shining more intensely than the first day you set it up. Your guests won’t just be impressed by the shine and style that your wrought iron furniture has, but they’ll also feel comfortable sitting in it because of its obvious cleanliness.

A Wrought Iron Patio Set Is More Than Just Furniture

If you want to consider your options and see all the unexpected forms that a wrought iron patio set can take, you’ve got two choices that’ll require only a few minutes from you.

You could peruse Modern Wicker’s wrought iron furniture buyer’s guide, or you could take a look at Modern Wicker’s collection. It’s the only collection online that is entirely preassembled and with heavy undertones of timeless style.