Replacement Cushions for South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa
Replacement Cushions for South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa with cushions side view left

Replacement Cushions for South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa

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Cushion Fabric:Sunbrella Canvas Capri
Sunbrella Canvas Capri
Sunbrella Canvas Canvas
Sunbrella Canvas Glacier
Sunbrella Canvas Navy
Sunbrella Canvas Taupe
Sunbrella Canvas Regatta
Sunbrella Spectrum Sand
Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom
Sunbrella Spectrum Indigo
Sunbrella Spectrum Dove
Sunbrella Spectrum Mist
Sunbrella Canvas Coal
Sunbrella Cast Oasis
Sunbrella Cast Silver
Sunbrella Cast Shale
Sunbrella Cast Slate
Sunbrella Cast Horizon
Outdura Canvas Petrol
Outdura Canvas Neptune
Outdura Canvas Zinc
Outdura Canvas Stucco
Outdura Canvas Khaki
Outdura Canvas Aquamarine
Outdura Canvas Natural White
Outdura Sparkle Birch
Outdura Sparkle Pool
Outdura Sparkle Sandstone
Outdura Sparkle Nautical
Sunbrella Linen Straw
Sunbrella Linen Silver
Sunbrella Linen Sesame
Sunbrella Linen Taupe
Sunbrella Dupione Sand
Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo
Sunbrella Dupione Deep Sea
Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk
Sunbrella Canvas Macaw
Sunbrella Canvas Parrot
Sunbrella Canvas Henna
Sunbrella Dupione Celeste
Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne
Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro
Sunbrella Frequency Parchment
Outdura Canvas Crimson
Sunbrella Frequency Ash
Sunbrella Dupione Peridot
Sunbrella Dupione Paradise
Sunbrella Dupione Papaya
Sunbrella Gateway Mist
Sunbrella Dolce Oasis
Sunbrella Brannon Redwood
Sunbrella Milano Char
Sunbrella Catalina Tinsel
Sunbrella Astoria Sunset
Sunbrella Foster Classic
Sunbrella Foster Surfside
Sunbrella Foster Metallic
Outdura Traveler Bloom
Outdura Tradewinds Nautical
Outdura Soulmate Charcoal
Outdura Delaney Dove
Outdura Delaney Birch
Outdura Bistro Platinum
Sunbrella Adaptation Indigo
Sunbrella Fretwork Pewter
Sunbrella Fretwork Flax
Sunbrella Radiant Silver
Outdura Palmetto Azure
Sunbrella Artistry Ash
Sunbrella Midori Stone
Sunbrella Midori Indigo
Outdura Timbre Sterling
Outdura Avalon Charcoal
Outdura Elements Burlap
Outdura Whitney Palm
Sunbrella Spectrum Peacock
Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige
Sunbrella Cast Ocean

Replacement Cushions for South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa

Whether you want to refresh your old sofa or upgrade your comfort level, these cushions are the perfect choice for you. They are expertly crafted to fit the elegant curves and contours of the Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa, creating a seamless and sophisticated look. 

With high-density foam, durable outdoor fabric, and quick-drying technology, these cushions offer unparalleled comfort and durability. 

Plus, they are eco-friendly, mold-resistant, and easy to maintain. You’ll love hosting your friends and family in your refined, cozy outdoor retreat.


Give your South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa a makeover with these stunning replacement cushions. They are custom-made to fit your sofa snugly and comfortably, adding a touch of elegance and freshness to your outdoor setting. These cushions combine comfort and style, creating a perfect outdoor oasis for you.


You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the luxury of these replacement cushions. They are competitively priced and offer great value for money. You can save even more by taking advantage of our special offers and discounts. Why pay more when you can get the same quality and comfort for less?


  • Tailored Fit: Enjoy a snug and flawless fit with these cushions, designed to match the unique dimensions of the Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa.
  • High-Density Comfort: Relax in comfort and support with these cushions, filled with premium high-density foam that retains shape over time.
  • Durable Outdoor Fabric: Protect your cushions from sun fading, mildew, and weather damage with these cushions, made with UV-resistant and water-repellent fabric.
  • Easy Maintenance: Keep your cushions clean and fresh with ease, thanks to the removable and machine-washable covers.
  • Sustainable Crafting: Feel good about your purchase, knowing these cushions are manufactured with eco-friendly materials and methods.
  • Resilient Stitching: Trust in the durability of these cushions, reinforced with expert stitching that prevents tears and frays.
  • Timeless Design: Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with these cushions, featuring a classy and neutral design that complements various decor styles.
  • Quick-Drying Technology: Don’t let rain or spills ruin your fun; these cushions are designed to dry rapidly and recover quickly.
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant: Preserve the freshness and quality of your cushions thanks to the treated fabric that keeps mold and mildew at bay.
  • Integrated Ties: Secure your cushions in place and prevent unwanted shifts with the built-in ties.

Treat yourself to these exquisite Replacement Cushions for the South Sea Rattan Saint Tropez Wicker Sofa. They are more than just cushions; they are an investment in creating cherished moments in total comfort. 

Order yours today.

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