Top 11 American Made Wicker Patio Furniture Pieces

Top 11 American Made Wicker Patio Furniture Pieces

You deserve the best American made wicker patio furniture as part of your American dream. Show off your personality and style with the best wicker furniture for your patio. Whether you want poolside tables, rocking chairs, or outdoor lounges, you can find the best wicker furniture designs to suit your taste. 

Ready to transform your patio into a heavenly oasis? Check out the top ten most trusted American made wicker patio furniture brands below, with amazing product recommendations from reputable brands like Lloyd Flanders

Let’s get started!

Top American Made Wicker Patio Furniture

There’s no better time to style your patio with wicker furniture than in the age of reliable online shopping. 

You can trust the leading wicker furniture retailer - Modern Wicker - to deliver the best, authentic American-made wicker furniture straight to your patio.

Modern Wicker’s store is loaded with the best outdoor wicker furniture made in USA, such as:

  • Armchairs
  • Rocking chairs
  • Swivel chairs
  • Sectional sets
  • Dinner sets
  • Chaise lounges
  • Coffee tables
  • Stools

Here are the top 11 American wicker furniture producers that supply the best wicker patio furniture.

  1. Lloyd Flanders
  2. Forever Patio
  3. Tortuga Outdoor
  4. Alfresco Home
  5. Hospitality Rattan
  6. International Caravan
  7. Oasis Home
  8. Panama Jack
  9. Source Furniture
  10. South Sea Rattan 
  11. Sunset West

Here are the best picks from these top furniture brands in Modern Wicker’s store.

Lloyd Flanders Fairview Porch Swing

Top features:

  • All-weather wicker 
  • Rust-proof aluminum frames
  • Available in different colors
  • Strong chains and springs 
  • 522 lb weight load 

Enjoy the evening breeze on the new Lloyd Flanders's Fairview porch swing. It is streamlined with the latest wicker furniture design to sway your fatigue away on smooth, silent springs and chains.

The furniture is woven out of strong, cellulose strands that can withstand the rain and sun outdoors, with 20 custom finishes that catch your neighbor’s eye. It is fortified with galvanized, rust-proof aluminum frames that can carry up to 522 lbs, making it perfect for you and your kids.

The Lloyd Flanders Fairview porch swing is available in many colors to suit your styling options. 

Forever Patio Horizon Wicker 4-piece Sectional Set 

Top features:

  • High-density polyethylene wicker
  • 4-piece sectional set
  • Sunbrella-covered cushions
  • Thickly coated aluminum frames
  • UV-inhibited cushions.

Relax your troubles away on the Forever patio horizon wicker 4-piece sectional set

This convertible set of two armless chairs, a corner chair, and an end table is made using high-density polyethylene resin wicker woven around durable, coated Aluminum frames.

The set has detachable, stuffy Sunbrella cushions reinforced with UV inhibitors to keep its color as sharp as new.

Hospitality Rattan Soho 5 PC Modular Sectional Seat

Top features:

  • 3 corner chairs, 1 ottoman, and 1 dining table
  • Sturdy Aluminum legs
  • 3 year-warranty
  • High-quality sunbrella cushions

Comfort meets modern style on the Hospitality rattan soho 5 pc modular sectional seat.

When fully assembled, the 5-piece set includes three corner chairs, one ottoman, and one dining table with a tempered glass finish that’s easy on the eyes.

The set’s sturdy aluminum frames give you an unshakable support system with all-weather Rehau fiber wicker that doesn’t lose its shine on your patio. You also get high-quality sunbrella cushions immune to fading from UV rays and available in different colors and textures to work with when decorating.

Panama Jack Oasis Chaise Lounge with Cushions  

Top features:

  • 81” long 33” wide and 21” high
  • Java brown finish 
  • Detachable cushions 
  • Rust-free aluminum frames

Rest up after a long day on the Panama Jack Oasis Chaise Lounge with cushions. This comfortable patio furniture is 81 inches long for your feet, 33 inches wide for maximum comfort, and 21 inches high, so you suck in all the sun.

The lounge’s java brown hue gives it a timeless look with matching, detachable, Sunbrella cushions that don’t fade and clean well. This rust-free aluminum frame is strong enough to hold up to 85 lbs, so all your family can enjoy it.

Sunset West Havana Round Daybed

Top features:

  • HDPE resin wicker
  • Stuffy 18” sunbrella canvas pillows
  • Quality construction

There’s no better place to catch a lazy siesta or check your social media updates than the Sunset West Havana multipurpose daybed. Its organic texture and accommodating proportions make this fully-welded daybed the best place to forget the world’s problems and get lost in your daydreams.

The furniture is wrapped with HDPE virgin resin that’s not easily susceptible to damage, with stuffy, 18-inch sunbrella canvas pillows that won’t fade under intense UV exposure.

Decorative Ideas for American Made Wicker Patio Furniture 

Combine all your creative styling ideas with the best American made wicker patio furniture for a custom-made interior design that your friends and family will live to complement.

Here are a few simple and doable decor ideas that blend the best wicker outdoor furniture with your patio.

  • An outdoor eating space with wicker outdoor dinner sets.
  • Your personal patio chill spot with wicker sofas and chaise lounges.
  • Modern wicker rocking chairs for seniors and kids are an age-old patio decor style.
  • Install a wicker porch swing for your kids and their friends to enjoy on school evenings and weekends.

You can never run out of ideas with Modern Wicker’s extensive range of stylish wicker patio furniture, but that’s not all it takes. You must take the best care of your patio furniture to keep them in good shape and protect them from the harsh climatic effects outdoors.

Care and Maintenance Tips for American Made Wicker Patio Furniture 

The best American made wicker patio furniture can outlive you to see your next generation enjoy its comforts if well taken care of with simple DIY outdoor wicker maintenance hacks.

Here are some of the most practical maintenance tips to help you to protect your wicker furniture. 

  1. Wash the furniture with water and soap to get rid of dust, dirt, smell, and stains
  2. Take off the cushions and clean the covers separately
  3. Use UV-protected Sunbrella covers to prevent fading from the sun
  4. Fix any broken or damaged part right away
  5. Store or cover your furniture when not in use to avoid humidity and dust

Factors to Consider When Buying Wicker Furniture Made in the USA

The best outdoor wicker furniture made in the USA can fill the space on your patio. Still, you should consider some important factors to end up with the most befitting furniture.

Price Considerations

You can buy USA wicker furniture with confidence and without breaking the bank. The best types of wicker furniture offer you great quality and affordability. You can find them on Modern Wicker, where you can enjoy the best deals and flexible installment payments. Don’t let your budget stop you from creating your dream patio.

Available Space vs. Your Design/Styling Ideas

Purchase space-saving furniture that will fit perfectly in the intended space by having a styling/decor plan for your patio before shopping. Some patio wicker furniture sets look better together than when separated, so measure your available space to compare it with a furniture’s dimensions when shopping.

Brand vs. Quality

The most trusted USA wicker furniture brands bring you the best patio wicker furniture, but the quality is expensive. 

Buying authentic, luxury patio wicker furniture from reputable brands is a quality investment since it will last you longer than generic wicker furniture, which deteriorates at the mercy of outdoor elements.

Final Thoughts on American Made Wicker Patio Furniture

Transform your patio from dull to dazzling with the best American made wicker patio furniture. Whether you want a lush chill spot or a modern outdoor recreation space, you can find the perfect wicker seats, tables, and furniture sets to match your style. 

Don’t miss out on Modern Wicker’s extensive patio furniture collection. 

Contact us today and get your dream patio wicker furniture delivered to your doorstep.

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