Luxury Furniture: Patio Chairs

Luxury Furniture: Patio Chairs



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Forever Patio Barbados 6 Piece Wicker Sofa Set Forever Patio Barbados 6 Piece Wicker Sofa Set
Forever Patio Barbados 6 Piece Wicker Sofa Set
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Luxury Furniture: Patio Chairs Collection

Wicker Luxury

The high-density synthetic resin pieces in this luxury furniture collection can be best characterized by their meticulous craftsmanship. They feature a combination of quality materials that are durable and yet fashionable.

The result is wicker patio chairs that won’t warp with the rain or grow brittle under the sun. Despite their uniform and consistent appearance, these luxury patio chairs have complex builds. With each major section being made up of its own heavy-duty material.

A Timeless Look for Any Occasion

Underneath the timeless look is a rust-proof interior frame that is completely resistant to corrosion. Even when exposed to water repeatedly, rust will be unable to settle in. 

This feature is possible because the frame’s roots have been altered by high-powered ovens. These ovens have baked in a special powder coat to the chair’s frames.

This frame is then dressed up in a suit of high-density polyethylene resin, which pairs well with any preexisting interior or exterior home decor you may have. The uppermost layers, where you’ll be sitting, are adorned with Sunbrella acrylic outdoor cushions. 

These acrylics are ultra fade, mold, mildew, and UV resistant, which means no discoloration of any kind. It’s this durability that makes these patio chairs timeless. Their looks don’t fade regardless of any outside influencing factors.

Multiple Seating Options

Modern Wicker’s luxury furniture collection houses patio chairs that can accommodate multiple people and one-person affairs. There are cozy loveseats for those seeking a bit of intimacy and wicker sofas for groups of friends to sit down on and enjoy.

Fortunately, despite the diversity in options, each chair and sofa share a uniform design. One that meshes well with your patio or dining room.

Instant Setup

Imagine receiving a patio chair that is resistant to rot, mold, mildew, and warping, among other things, and not having to spend hours assembling it. Most of the items in Modern Wicker’s luxury furniture collection are either completely preassembled or require minimal assembly. Look over Modern Wicker’s guide to Luxury Outdoor Furniture Trends for a full breakdown.