The Best Teak Outdoor High Top Table and Chairs

The Best Teak Outdoor High Top Table and Chairs

Teak furniture is an excellent choice for your backyard. It has style, durability, and easy maintenance. Teak outdoor furniture reflects your strength and unique aesthetics. Whether you prefer teak outdoor high top tables and chairs or a wicker set, teak will meet all your expectations for the ideal outdoor furniture.

In this article, you will discover why teak furniture is a wise investment. You will learn how teak has a sleek, natural look and can resist harsh environments. You will also see how the furniture ages gracefully and needs little care.

Are you curious about teak furniture? Read on.

Best Teak Outdoor High Top Table and Chairs

Teak wood is undoubtedly the best material for outdoor furniture, so here are the best shopping samples from Modern Wicker before you ask where to find them.

Alexander & Sheridan Serengeti Rattan Pub Table With Teak Top

One of our store's best teak high-top tables is the Alexander & Sheridan Serengeti Rattan Pub Table with Teak Top

Top features:

  • Made from Indonesian teak wood
  • Available in two colors: Sienna and Rustic Driftwood
  • For indoor use

With a height of 42 inches, this teak high top table is the perfect size for holding beverages and snacks, displaying a floral arrangement, or acting as a central point for guests to gather around and share conversation. 

Lloyd Flanders Teak Round Bar Table 

Some additional teak outdoor high top table and chairs in our store include the Lloyd Flanders teak round bar table and the Lloyd Flanders teak rectangle fire table with faux concrete top.

Top features:

  • Made of virgin Brazilian teak
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to clean

Lloyd Flanders teak round bar table will always make your customers or friends feel at home. Made from authentic Brazilian teak, the table is decay-resistant and naturally waterproof.

The 30-inch wide Lloyd Flanders table from modern wicker is easy to clean and maintain using water and mild detergent.

In addition, this stylish table can be used for indoor and outdoor settings.

Lloyd Flanders Teak Rectangle Fire Table

Lloyd Flanders's rectangle fire table is a unique outdoor teak piece of furniture that heats you while you enjoy the ambiance of your backyard during winter.

Top features: 

  • Durable faux concrete top
  • Teak wood frames
  • Multi-purpose cover top

This table’s stable teak frames and durable faux concrete top can withstand high temperatures, so you can light a small fire outdoors at night or during winter.

The best part about this multipurpose teak table is that you can cover its top using a burner cover top and serve dinner or snacks with more than enough room.

What are Teak Outdoor High-Top Tables and Chairs?

Teak outdoor high-top tables and chairs are unique pieces of furniture made using teak wood. It is the most resilient hardwood, originally used by shipbuilders and later adopted by carpenters for indoor and outdoor furniture.

That’s not all…. 

Teak furniture is solid and water-resistant; hence, it is well suited to face the sun and rain outdoors.

What sets the teak outdoor high-top table and chairs apart is that they are more stylish than the ordinary indoor dinner table, thanks to their eye-catching color, and design. Their tough wood makes them convenient for the outdoors, so you enjoy your food with the satisfying view of mother nature.

Besides being the core of your backyard furniture, teak wood is an ideal raw material for many other products.

Some include boat decks, countertops, and beautiful ornaments.

Differences Between Teak and Wicker

Teak is a resilient hardwood mainly from the tropics of southeast Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, used to make furniture and boats. On the other hand, Wicker is a style of weaving houseware and furniture using natural materials such as reeds and rattan.

  • Natural wicker furniture is more susceptible to damage from water and the sun.
  • Unlike teak outdoor furniture, synthetic wicker is made from artificial resin and vinyl, which face off well against the elements. This is why synthetic wicker is best suited for the outdoors. 

Teak outdoor furniture is preferred over natural wicker for outdoor yards and patios because it hardly fades if well-maintained.

Its color also improves over time. What starts as a dark blotchy color gradually ages to a stately, honey-golden hue and finally to a rich silver-gray that screams maturity.

Characteristics of Teak Outdoor High Top Table And Chairs

Teak is a hardwood with distinctive features that make it the best-suited material for outdoor furniture.

Teak’s desirable traits include:

  • Fading less over time. Its color and appearance improve under proper maintenance
  • Highly durable and easy to clean.
  • Contains natural oils and rubber, making it rot-resistant.
  • High levels of silica, which is responsible for waterproofing it
  • It has an inviting aroma that almost resembles leather.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of teak outdoor furniture over wicker furniture.

Pros and Cons of Teak

Teak’s unique characteristics give it an edge over other types of furniture material and designs like Wicker. On the flip side, it also has a few disadvantages worth noting because nothing is entirely perfect, even wood.

Pros of Teak Furniture

The advantages of teak furniture often come down to its durability and overall aesthetics.


Teak is the best material for an outdoor top-high table and chairs because it is durable and resistant to weather elements.

Unlike natural wicker, Teak contains natural oils and silica that keep the wood fresh and coat it against absorbing moisture. These forces combine to make teak as durable as possible.

Aesthetic Appeal

Outdoor high-top tables and chairs look stunning and attractive the moment they leave the shop and stay that way if you know how to maintain them. Teak’s beautiful, natural, bee brown color morphs into various attractive shades as it ages. It’s as if you had wine for furniture - it gets better with time. 


Teak outdoor top high tables and chairs have natural wax and silica, making them water resistant. You can leave your teak outdoor high top table and chairs in the rain, and later wipe them using a dry cloth to tidy them up.

Easy to Maintain

Your teak outdoor high-top table and chairs are easier to maintain than natural wicker furniture. Regularly dust your furniture with detergent or teak cleaner to maintain its new look. You can go the extra mile by sealing them with the best finish for teak outdoor furniture to give them an extra layer of water protection to be 100% safe. 

Cons of Teak

Teak furniture is excellent, but it also bears a few minor shortcomings.


Teak wood is rare and only found in a few countries, and also takes many years (up to 25 years) to mature for harvest. This increases their demand, but the supply is relatively low.

Relatively Expensive 

Teak outdoor furniture possesses unique qualities and is in high demand. This is met with low supply due to the scarcity of teak wood, which naturally makes it expensive.

Changes Color

While some people are fascinated by how teak outdoor furniture gradually changes color the older it gets, this trait is only attractive to some. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Teak Outdoor Round Table and Chairs

The beauty, efficiency, and demand for teak furniture make it the total package. However, before you spend your money carelessly, here are some determining factors that will help you land a good deal.

Styling Options

Teak furniture is available in different styles and types, offering many styling options

Before shopping for furniture, drawing up a design plan is wise, considering your choice of colors and furniture design that will fit perfectly into your house plans and take up sufficient space.


The teak furniture you buy should fit perfectly in the intended space. It would be costly to compromise other furniture pieces or build an extra shed due to insufficient space.


Teak furniture is slightly expensive, so only purchase furniture that fits your budget. 

You can also visit certified stores that sell high-quality teak furniture at affordable rates with fantastic discount rates, such as our store.


Teak furniture is available in different types, so always buy a piece of furniture, e.g., teak outdoor high top table and chairs, that serves your immediate need perfectly. 

Consider buying furniture that you will use often. 

Teak Outdoor High Top Table And Chairs - Wrap-Up

Choose teak furniture for your outdoor and indoor settings. It has a unique natural look that brightens your yard or patio. Teak outdoor high top tables and chairs resist water and dust. They are easy to clean and do not decay. They last longer on your patio than other furniture.

Browse our store today to find authentic teak outdoor furniture for your home. You will enjoy discounts on select items, monthly payments for products, and free shipping to your backyard. You will not regret it.

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