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Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
Alfresco Home Martini Iron Garden Bench Pencil Point
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Modern Wicker's Material Collection: Crafting Excellence with Every Fiber

The Essence of Exquisite Furnishing

Behind every masterpiece of furniture lies a tale of the materials that birthed it. The choice of materials is more than just a functional decision; it's an ode to aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. At Modern Wicker, we celebrate this foundation through our meticulously curated collection of materials, ensuring that every piece we craft resonates with excellence from its very core.

A Legacy Woven Through Time

The art of wickerwork, with its intricate weaves and patterns, has been passed down through generations. Its charm lies in the materials that form its essence. Our collection encapsulates this legacy, offering materials that combine the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship with the innovations of modern design.

For the Connoisseurs of Craft

Designed with the discerning upper middle class Americans in mind, our materials collection is an invitation to those with an astute sense of quality and aesthetics. Interior designers, landscape architects, and design enthusiasts will find a repository of materials that promise to transform spaces into realms of luxury and elegance.

Nature's Palette

Nature offers an expansive palette of textures, colors, and strengths. Modern Wicker's materials collection dives deep into this natural treasure trove, offering a range of options that reflect the myriad hues and textures of the great outdoors. From the rustic allure of traditional wicker to the polished sophistication of contemporary materials, our collection is a journey through nature's best offerings.

Sustainability: A Commitment Etched in Fiber

In an era that demands eco-responsibility, our materials stand as a testament to sustainable luxury. Every fiber, every weave is a result of processes that prioritize the planet without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Strength in Substance

Beyond their visual appeal, our materials are emblematic of strength and durability. They are crafted to withstand the test of time and elements, ensuring that the creations they inspire remain timeless in both beauty and function.

A Symphony of Innovation and Tradition

While we deeply respect the traditions of wickerwork, we're not bound by them. Our materials collection is a harmonious blend of age-old techniques and modern innovations, ensuring that designers and homeowners have the best of both worlds at their fingertips.

Modern Wicker's Assurance

Our journey with our clientele doesn't end with providing materials. It's about ensuring that they experience the quality, service, and excellence that Modern Wicker stands for. From guidance on material selection to insights on care and maintenance, we are committed to ensuring that every creation stands as a testament to luxury and durability.

Unleash Your Creative Vision

With a world of premium materials at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination. Embark on a journey of design, innovation, and unparalleled quality.

Explore Our Material Collection Today