Why Teak Outdoor Chairs are the Perfect Choice for Your Backyard

Why Teak Outdoor Chairs are the Perfect Choice for Your Backyard

Any old chair on your patio might provide you with some comfort. But the real question is: will it last through the year? Probably not, unless you chose a teak chair for your outdoor seating.

Teak outdoor chairs have a natural composition that makes them more durable and long-lasting. They can withstand varied weather and conditions. In fact, a teak outdoor chair can last you several decades!

Let’s see what makes teak outdoor chairs so special and how you can get one today.

The Best Teak Outdoor Chairs for Your Outdoor Haven

These teak outdoor chairs are renowned for their longevity and style. Rather than settle for a cheap knockoff that’ll fall apart in a few months, why not invest in a chair that’ll last you a lifetime?

Now is the time to dive deep into the best that Teak has to offer. Below you’ll find top recommendations for your outdoor patio. 

Tortuga Outdoor Jakarta Teak Rocking Chairs

The high-quality Tortuga Outdoor Jakarta Teak Rocking Chairs are made from sustainably grown Indonesian Teak hardwood. The teak is responsibly sourced from certified plantations, which promote reforestation and protect vital rainforests. 

You'll find these chairs free from any defects like knots or sapwood, thanks to their high-quality lumber. Additionally, their sturdy construction with premium brass hardware ensures durability. They're also finely sanded for a smooth feel, granting you ultimate comfort


  • Premium brass hardwood
  • Kiln dried
  • Carefully sanded and smoothed over

Forever Patio Miramar Plantation Teak Square Ottoman

The Forever Patio Miramar Plantation Teak Square Ottoman is perfect for an afternoon of reading and relaxing. The ottoman's aged and dried teak requires no additional moisture control. With a plush, overstuffed cushion, this rustic ottoman delivers maximum comfort. 

Adding to its longevity is zinc-coated steel hardware that minimizes corrosion. This pairs efficiently with the ottoman’s brass plating. Throughout its frame, distressed reclaimed wood enhances the grain for a rustic finish. 

You can let the natural wood weather to a silver-gray patina or apply a wood/teak oil or sealer twice a year to preserve its golden finish


  • Sunbrella cushion covers
  • Wood has already been aged and dried
  • Cushions are made from quick-drying polyurethane foam

Forever Patio Miramar Plantation Teak Lounge Chair

With perhaps the best build quality on the list, the Forever Patio Miramar Plantation Teak Lounge Chair is well worth its price. Its overstuffed cushions, wrapped in Sunbrella® fabric, offer exceptional fade, moisture, and mildew resistance. 

As a result, this rustic lounge chair delivers maximum comfort with its plush, oversized cushions. Whether you prefer a silver-gray patina or a golden finish, the choice is yours. Cleaning with a wood cleaner or light sanding maintains its finish.

Preserve the chair's beauty by leaving it outdoors year-round (under a furniture cover when not in use) or storing it in a cool, dry place during winter.


  • Zinc-coated steel hardware
  • Plated in brass
  • Distressed reclaimed wood enhances the grain

Advantages of Teak Outdoor Chairs

Teak outdoor chairs offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice for outdoor furniture. The natural properties of teak wood, including its high oil content and dense grain, contribute to its exceptional durability and weather resistance. 

As a result, teak outdoor chairs can withstand various weather elements. Their innate qualities even prevent decay and damage from insects! This is why they are ideal for outdoor use in different climates.

Low Maintenance Cost

One significant advantage of teak chairs is their low maintenance requirements compared to other materials. Teak's natural oils act as a protective barrier against UV rays and moisture. This in turn reduces the need for frequent sealing or finishing. 

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan. This low-maintenance aspect is especially attractive for those seeking hassle-free outdoor furniture options.

Natural Qualities

Teak outdoor chairs stand out for their natural properties that make them resilient against weather, decay, and insects. Since they don’t decay as easily, the wood isn’t as favorable for insects to chew through. This is why they tend to steer clear of it.

With these advantages, teak chairs are a top choice for those seeking long-lasting and stylish outdoor seating options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Teak Chairs

When choosing outdoor teak chairs, prioritize comfort, design, quality construction, sustainability, and durability. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect teak chairs that not only enhance your outdoor space's beauty but also provide you with lasting comfort and enjoyment for years ahead. It’s simply a smarter way to spend your money.

Comfort and Design

When choosing outdoor teak chairs, several factors play a crucial role in ensuring you find the perfect fit for your space and needs. Comfort and design are essential considerations. After all, who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair?

Teak furniture offers a wide range of chair styles, from classic to modern, so you can select one that complements your outdoor aesthetics.

Quality and Construction

Quality and construction are vital aspects that determine the durability of teak outdoor chairs. Opt for chairs made from solid teak wood, as it ensures sturdiness and longevity even in harsh outdoor conditions. 

Look for chairs built with traditional woodworking techniques. This is because traditional woodworking techniques provide exceptional strength and stability. Additionally, high-quality hardware like stainless steel or brass fittings further enhances the chairs' resistance to weather elements.

Sustainability and Durability

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a significant concern for many consumers. When choosing teak chairs, choose teak made from sustainable and responsibly managed sources. 

By supporting sustainable practices, you contribute to the preservation of teak forests for future generations.

Durability is another essential factor. Teak wood's natural properties, including its high oil content and dense grain, make it highly resistant to weather, decay, and insects. 

Care and Maintenance of Teak Outdoor Chairs

Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserve the natural beauty and longevity of teak outdoor chairs. To keep your chairs looking their best, regular cleaning is crucial. 

Simply use mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage the wood's natural oils.

Weather Considerations

To protect your teak chairs from weather and UV damage, consider applying a teak sealer or oil. This creates a protective barrier that shields the wood from the sun's harmful rays and moisture. Regular reapplication of the sealer or oil is necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

During harsh weather conditions or winter months, it's advisable to cover your teak chairs or store them indoors. This helps to prevent exposure to extreme weather elements that may cause cracking or warping.

Teak Outdoor Chair Aesthetic Care

While teak is naturally durable, you may notice the wood's color changing over time to a silvery gray patina. Some people prefer this aged look, but if you want to restore the original golden hue, sanding can help.

By following these care and maintenance tips, your teak outdoor chairs will continue to radiate their timeless elegance and withstand the elements for many years to come

Properly cared-for teak chairs will provide you with a stylish and comfortable seating solution, perfect for relaxing in your outdoor sanctuary.

FAQs About Outdoor Teak Chairs

Despite our in-depth run-through of teak outdoor chairs, if you’ve still got questions, we’ve got answers. Ever wondered whether teak chairs can be left outdoors year-round? Perhaps you simply want the best tips for maintaining their appearance? Either way, you’ll find answers down below.

Are Teak Chairs Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Yes, teak chairs are ideal for outdoor use. This is thanks to their natural resistance to weather elements and insects. Teak's high oil content and dense grain also make it durable and able to withstand various weather conditions. This combination makes it a perfect choice for outdoor furniture.

How Should You Care For Teak Chairs to Maintain Their Appearance?

To maintain teak chairs' natural beauty, regularly clean them with mild soap and water. You will want to avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers. 

Those two options will strip the wood’s natural surface. Instead, apply teak oil or sealer periodically to protect the wood from UV rays and prevent it from turning gray.

Are Teak Chairs Eco-Friendly?

Teak chairs can be eco-friendly when sourced from responsibly managed teak plantations or certified by organizations like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Thanks to the wood’s qualities, you aren’t likely to find any teak furniture that doesn’t come from sustainable practices.

However, ensure that the wood is harvested ethically and without causing harm to the environment.

Can Teak Chairs Be Left Outdoors All Year Round?

Teak chairs are designed for outdoor use. Although, it is recommended to protect them during harsh weather conditions. 

This is especially true in extreme climates. Consider covering them or moving them to a sheltered area during the winter months to prolong their lifespan and maintain their quality.

Outdoor Teak Chairs For Your Patio

That was a lot to sift through. Why not relax on a comfortable and durable teak outdoor chair? A teak outdoor chair is more than a regular piece of furniture. It’s eco-friendly and durable, and it can last you many years. Of course, you need to care for it.

Contact us for the best teak furniture recommendations. We can help you revitalize your outdoor patio or dining room with one call.

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